Want to SEE Where Your Beef Comes From?

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It’s Summer and it time for those AWESOME Summer movies.  So we here at Open Space Meats made kind of a Western and kind of a Documentary.  It’s a Docustern? or Maybe a Westentary.  Who cares? call it whatever you like. We LOVE to tell people where their beef comes from (especially if it’s our beef).  So we made another Ranch Tour video, this time on the summer pasture in Western Nevada.  This is only PART I.  Since we knew we had a huge hit on our hands we went ahead and shot the sequel (PART II)  while we were still on location.  Pretty smart huh? Check it out and tell us what you think.  We love to hear from you.  Here is a link:


The New Addition

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I am going to make this post short and sweet.

In my last post I let you in on a little family news for the Nitschke’s.  I also said my next post would hopefully be GREAT news.  Well… I wont disappoint.  On Wednesday 6-11 at 9:46pm we welcomed the newest member of our family to the world.  Charlotte Grace was 6 lbs and 15 oz. and 19 inches long.  Mom and baby are doing great and are now at home.

If you have been trying to contact us and we haven’t gotten back to you right away; now you know why.  Sorry for that things will get back to (what we refer to as) normal very soon.

There you go.  Short and sweet as promised.  Just like my newest little girl.  Yes, this Dad is pretty proud.

Charlotte and a proud Dad

Charlotte and a proud Dad



Taking the Reins

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Some of you know, but many of you don’t; that we are expecting our 3rd child really soon.  That being the case Mica is going to be taking some well deserved and much needed time off from blogging when the new baby arrives.  So I (Seth) will try my hand at blogging in the interim.  We want to keep you guys informed as to what is going on at the ranch and with our family; because if you didn’t care where your food came from you wouldn’t be buying it from us.  But you do care.  That’s why you are reading this.

So what does this mean?  I am saying this in order to apologize in advance for… bad grammar, spelling mistakes incomplete sentences, bad paragraph form, dangling participles (what ever those are) and the entire litany of stuff I will most certainly screw up.  Was that a run on sentence? I don’t know.  I am told I write like I speak and should shape up a bit.  To that I say; I do not write like I speak, I don’t cuss even half as much as when I write.  Hey you wanted the cowboys perspective.  Careful what you wish for.

Mica will definitely be back when she is ready and I have offended enough people that it has started to affect business.

In all honesty and seriousness though, we thank you for being our customers and allowing us to do what we love to do. We raise cattle responsibly and feed people, and do it with integrity.  I will hopefully be posting again very soon with great news.




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2013 - dry levy (more…)

Kleenex and a Keyboard

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"All smiles as we embark on our new journey to school!"

“All smiles as we embark on our new journey to school!”


Happy New Year!!  I need to add a note to this blog…I wrote it 4-months ago but was unable to publish it as we were in the process of updating and revamping our website.  So here it is 4-months later and I am able to upload it.  It is still relevant; however as my next blog will reveal a lot has changed in 4-months!  Enjoy and thanks for bearing with me as I attempt to blog!!


AUGUST 2013:

We’ve received so many requests to start blogging about our ranch, the cows, our lives, etc…but there hasn’t been the time, nor could I come up with any interesting material.  So I set my sights on today, my first day in 8-years of mothering where both our kiddos are in elementary school.  I knew I’d be sad and I knew I’d have time, so here goes…

…Today I dropped off our baby at kindergarten.  It’s a weird feeling; to be happy and sad all at the same time…no one’s shadowing me or asking for anything.  I held it together until I reached the ranch office.  I looked at my hubby, he said “did you cry?” and the tears started coming.  Our daughter has been excited to start kindergarten all summer and the excitement did not dissipate until the 30-minute ride into school.  Her stomach started to hurt and she said she was “feeling a little nervous mama”.  Knowing our girl, she will do great in school, have lots of fun and make lots friends…but wow it’s hard to leave your baby at kindergarten.

Our son is a 3rd grader, so he’s a big guy at school, he didn’t need me to walk him to the classroom; he told me he would check on his little sister and our friend’s son at lunch time and make sure they were ok.  The big news of 3rd grade is he gets to go to the “big kid” morning recess.  I’m not sure where the time goes; it was just yesterday we were bringing him home from the hospital, wasn’t it?

This being my first blog, it feels a little disjointed, but then I figured, that makes sense, because our daily lives are a little disjointed.  Leave me comments and let me know what you want to see in a blog from Open Space Meats.  We are happy to invite you into our crazy, joyous slice of heaven that we call home and work!

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We are going to be blogging any time now….