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Q. What is the best way to cook grass fed beef?

A. As you may know, the fat in grass fed beef is less saturated than the fat in conventional beef. It is also much higher in Omega 3 fatty acids. That means that this fat will liquefy at a lower temperature. So grass fed beef will cook faster than what you may be used to with conventional beef. It is best to use the rule of 25’s: 25 degrees less heat and 25% less time. That will help you consistently have a great eating experience.

Q. Are your cattle finished all on grass?

A. Yes, our cattle graze on native range and irrigated pasture all year. We manage our pastures and cattle supplies so they finish out on pasture. Our cattle never receive grains or concentrated feeds. Nor do they receive any hormones or antibiotics.

Q. Do you have meat available all year?

A. Yes, we manage our pasture and our cattle so we can harvest cattle all year. We do sell out from time to time, but that is always temporary. In these cases just give us a couple of weeks and we will have your order for you.


Q. What breeds of cattle do you use?

A. Our cattle are predominantly Angus and Angus Cross-Bred. We use what are referred to as English Breeds. These are breeds developed in the UK many years ago and they tend to be a little smaller and fatten easier than other breeds. We use them because they fatten out better on grass than more exotic or “Continental Breeds” that are larger and leaner.

Q. How do you slaughter your cattle? Is it Humane?

A. We harvest (we prefer that term) at a USDA inspected facility. It is a small plant in Merced, CA that harvests a few head at a time so our cattle can easily be kept separate from other cattle that are not grass fed. This facility complies with all regulations from the USDA for humane slaughter, and takes special care to treat animals with respect and care.

Q. How do you ship your beef?

A. We ship our beef frozen and packed in insulated containers. Beef can stay frozen in these containers for 24 hours or so. So don’t worry if you are not home for delivery. We either deliver our beef personally or ship via overnight courier

Q. How long is your beef good in the freezer?

A. As long as the packaging remains intact beef can safely stay in the freezer for over a year or more. We recommend that eat your beef within 6 months for the best eating experience.

Q. Can we come visit your ranch?

A. Yes you can, although we aren’t set up for formal tours if you wish we could set up a time and day for you to come see us at one of our ranches. As long as you don’t mind bouncing around on the back of an ATV we will gladly show you what we do.

Q. Can we pick up beef instead of shipping it?

A. Yes, you can. If you want to pick up your order from us we can arrange for that. We don’t have a traditional brick and mortar store so please give us a couple of days notice ahead of time so we can be sure to have your beef ready for you when you arrive.