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Local ranchers feed appetite for sustainable beef

Chef Isaac Miller of the San Mateo restaurant 231 Ellsworth wanted to meet the man who provides his rib-eye steak — and even meet the cattle… more »

An article that ran in the Mercury News

Down on the Farm Radio

Tom Willey, an organic farmer out of Madera, CA hosts a weekly radio show broadcast from Fresno, CA. His show featured Seth and Open Space Meats earlier in September. We had a great time sharing our philosophy with all the listeners.


Greener pastures

CATHEYS VALLEY — Seth Nitschke spent his early 20s working at large feedlots before he returned home to start a business raising beef cattle fed on the grasses of the Sierra Nevada foothills…. more »

An AP article that ran nationally

How green goes this valley?

Local ranchers help feed the growing trend toward grass-fed beef.

MADERA — For folks who’d never tried grass-fed steak, Saturday’s lunch at the Vineyard Restaurant & Bar in Madera may have been an unfamiliar experience. These steaks were juicy, but still leaner than your typical beef. Its flavor was, well, more beefy. And cutting the rind of fat around the edge required a lot more pressure with the knife…. more »

An article in the Fresno Bee Food section

Local Choices

What a refreshing afternoon it turned into as we visited with Seth Nitschke and toured his beautiful grass fed beef ranch. We hopped on the back of his quad and off we went for a bumpy ride and a first hand view of the ranch. He did warn us about the rough ride, his energy and knowledge made up for it, we survived!… more »